Bee Active...Bee Seen...Bee Free!

Kids just want to be kids – to run, jump, play, imagine, laugh, dream and grow big.  Parents want their children to be active and spread their wings. Bee Free scooters provide a solid platform for children to fine tune their motor skills, explore their independence and do so safely.

Bee Active…by playing outdoors in the fresh air.

Bee Seen…with our signature cool yellow color, providing a high level of visibility to motorists

Bee Free…to just be a kid by enjoying the freedom of being outdoors.   

The Buzz on Yellow!

Bee Free got its name from its distinct yellow and black coloring. Yellow is bright and cheerful, but yellow is also most associated with caution. Road signs, traffic vests and school buses are all yellow as a  signal to motorists that they need to be on alert, so we couldn’t think of a better color to use for our scooters and helmets.  Bee Free scooters and helmets can be passed down from child to child, making them an economical choice for growing families. 

From Sofa to Sidewalk!

Managing “screen time” is a challenge that all parents face.  Watching TV, scrutinizing their phones, playing video games and obsessing over social media far too often takes the place of playing tag, kicking a ball or just being outside, interacting with other children. Good habits are established at a young age, and every parent can agree that being active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  Scootering is a great way for kids to be active because it is simply fun. Bee Free scooters are easy to ride, and with their foldable design, can go virtually anywhere, so the option of a quick ride around the block is never out of reach.